Divine Horsemen

Los Angeles singer/songwriter/author Chris D.’s post-Flesh Eaters group with once-wife Julie Christensen (who, after the band split, toured singing backup and duet with Leonard Cohen for years, and made 7 independent solo albums) HAS REUNITED. DIVINE HORSEMEN’S highly charged roots music, has been dubbed by fans “Americana 30 years before it was in vogue,” The band recorded 3 full-length LPs and 1 12” EP back in the day for SST Records from 1984-1988 that sound as though they could’ve been recorded yesterday. Writer Chris Morris has been known to call them one of the greatest live bands to ever grace a stage. New Studio Album release on August 27, 2021 on In The Red Records. The new recording, “Hot Rise Of An Ice Cream Phoenix” includes Chris and Julie, longtime Divine Horsemen guitarist Peter Andrus (Crowbar Salvation,) bassist Bobby Permanent, and on the drum throne, Flesh Eater and X band-member D.J. Bonebrake. Of the new music, Chris says, “As the album title suggests, the flames of love and desire, compassion and resentment burn hot and cold, only to ultimately melt away with the impermanence of all things.”

“The DIVINE HORSEMEN …released a slew of impressive discs on the label in the late ’80s. More in a slurring Stooges/Stones vein, my pick of the litter is 1987’s Snake Handler, a collection of plain goddamn enchanting gothic-American “ballads” (and I do certainly NOT mean “gothic” in the Marilyn Manson/NIN sense of the word!) and string-hitting howlers with D.’s patented wail. A very under-rated band, and well worth your trouble.”—Dave Lang, Furious.com