Don Gallardo

Don Gallardo has called Nashville home for over 11 years. He has his heart in the East Nashville sound and scene, but his California roots are never far away.   Gallardo has weaved his 1970’s Laurel Canyon influences into modern roots-Americana, while mixing southern and western sounds comfortably. He has released 5 full-length albums, an EP, a live In-studio acoustic album, and a live album.  He is set to release a brand new 7-song EP featuring new original music and a cover. All songs feature British/Nashville songstress Lilly Winwood on vocals. Gallardo and Winwood’s vocals mesh well together, as if they have been singing together for years. The new album titled, “In The Name Of Good Intentions,” is set to release in July 2019 in UK/EU and September 2019 Worldwide. This is Gallardo’s first album solely produced and engineered on his own. The album was mixed by Dave Colemen, with the help of Gallardo. Read More



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