The album "Files Of Life" brings Junior Mackenzie to Light.

Junior Mackenzie (the alter ego of Juan Fortea) presents Files of Life, a new collection of folk, rock, jazz, pop, and bluegrass songs with North American roots, which is his most ambitious, luminous and beautiful work to date. This album originates from an indeterminate place, in the mist and under a colored sky, fleeing sleepwalkers and buffoons with frozen smiles.

The Spanish musician has been given a good touchstone in order to keep expanding his range of music co-producing this new LP with Dani Castelar, well known for his works with REM, Paolo Nutini, Editors and Snow Patrol, among others in a long list.

With sumptuous instrumentation which elegantly combines strings and keyboards with guitars, and leading a strong cinematic air, songs like “Haze” brings Junior Mackenzie to more open and evocative spaces. This is without letting go of his mournful form of chewing lyrics, nor leaving dusty and marshy grounds. In this album, he gradually gives more and more light to the shadows until finally arriving at pieces like “Colors Of The Sky”.

Succeding the good reviews of “Junior Mackenzie” (2008), “Songs From The Top Of A Mountain” (2010), “Melodies For The End Of The World” (2012) and “Mr. Good Horse” (2014), "Files Of Life” (2017) represents a step forward and somewhat of a reinvention for a musician whose style is difficult to pigeon-hole. He has toured with The Kills and has supported internationally famous artists such as Frank Black, Richard Hawley, Zucchero, Greg Dulli, Radio Moscow and Gomez, among others.

Junior Mackenzie has definitely found his voice and his sound in Files of Life. This collection demonstrates full maturity, with a noble selection of songs, messages, and a sound set which is full of nuances.

If we were to compare a Junior Mackenzie show to a biblical passage, this series would be the Last Supper in which he is seated with Jeff Buckley, Shannon Hoon, Neil Young, Chris Robinson, Muddy Waters, Eliot Smith, Ray La Montagne, Jimmy Page, Damien Rice, and Jack White… all conspiring to create the perfect song following the tradition of the best American songwriters with a folk, jazz, rock, pop and bluegrass sound.