“Outlaw country mixed with Southern rock, mixed with toad licking,” appraises Jeff Pinkus of the rootsy, ne’er-do-well anthems on Pure Luck’s eponymous debut. “It’s got a lot of psychedelia – songs taking you to a different place than you thought you’d go. Other songs are very traditional, but somehow it all tied together.”


Founded in 2007 as an unwieldy two-drummer, four-guitarist country-rock chain gang, the locals eventually condensed into a svelte quintet. Of course Pure Luck’s cast of characters boast résumés whose group monikers make their band members all but unemployable in most day jobs. Consider that a NSFW warning.


Among the combo’s three lead singer-songwriters, Pinkus – who plays rhythm guitar and banjo in Pure Luck – manhandles bass in Austin post-punk pioneers the Butthole Surfers, his boogie metal trio Honky, and, often, the Melvins. Stomping distortion boxes in veteran wild bunch the Moistboyz is Stephen Haas, and Cody Richardson makes his mamma proud in Hickoids and Beaumonts. Ween drummer Claude Coleman Jr. and Brewtality Inc. bassist Stevage Sucharov round out the rhythm section.