3rd Ear Experience is a self styled desert space rock band that was formed in 2012 in Joshua Tree by Robbi Robb From Tribe after Tribe and Three Fish(Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam Side Project). In the spirit of Miles Davis’ bitches brew the band built a remote studio in the legendary Furstwurld art gallery where they improvised and recorded for three days. From The fruits of these jams came their first album Peacock Black. International Press immediately recognized the great potential in this project and the album was praised as a welcome addition to the genre and a “must own” for the rock fans album collection.


2013 saw the release of BOI a loosely based concept album, reminiscent of A Man Who fell to Earth (Bowie), and a Stranger in a Strange Land where the listener is transported into space to look back and contemplate the plight of human nature. BOI was highly praised by rock journalists worldwide coming in at #18 on the year’s best albums in the Eclipsed Magazine’s top 100. The year’s highlight for the band members was opening up for stoner rock group the Truck Fighters from Sweden on the California leg of their US tour.


2014 saw the band return to the art gallery to record a series of musical pieces that had began to form during a long summer of jams, space rock parties and music festivals in the hi Mojave desert. In September of the same year their third album Incredible Good fortune took the space rock world by storm landing in the top ten positions of various notable blogs, charts and prominent magazines across the world. Incredible Good Fortune also garnered a lot of radio play on dedicated online radio stations in the USA and Europe.


From the get go it is clear these are excellent musicians on top of their game, rebellious and aunafraid. The excellence of music speaks for itself, attracting distributors and music outlets worldwide including a vinyl deal with Space rock Productions. Above all, it is remarkable to note that the band is self sufficient, apart from handling the recording, mixing, mastering and engineering, they also handle their own marketing worldwide. For this alone the band can be highly commended. The momentum 3rd Ear experience created in 3 years together is indeed praise worthy. The band is now ready to move to the next level, which based on their enormous success so far – is obvious what that means.