Salem’s Bend

As Ozzy once famously said to Tony Iommi during one of the 1972 recording sessions for Black Sabbath’s Vol. 4 album, “I’ve had enough drugs at the moment, thank you, just pass me the coconut water- and Bill, can you play that funky beat again? I have an idea.” Shortly thereafter, true genius flowed onto tape and history was made.

Of course, nothing like this was ever actually said, but these are the things that Los Angeles-based heavy rock trio SALEM’S BEND likes to think about while sweating bullets in their garage-turned studio.

Salem’s Bend has musical influences that run the gamut from ’70s classic rockers to modern heavy-hitters in the desert, doom, psych and stoner rock scenes. Having cut their teeth in different bands around LA for several years, they self-released their debut album on Bandcamp in the tail-end of December 2015. The album garnered some early praise at heavy music blogs, with one reviewer commenting, “You want dynamics? Salem’s Bend is practically a liquid. ‘Dynamics’ is just a buzz word until it’s wielded by these sprightly upstarts.” The album caught the ear of Ripple Music, who signed them and re-released their debut record worldwide in October 2016.

Salem’s Bend has been tearing up the local rock scene in Southern California since their inaugural West Coast tour in June 2016 and hasn’t slowed down yet. They’ve shredded the road for over 34,000 miles with tour stints and festival appearances around the Western US and Southwest every few months, including a sold-out SXSW showcase in 2018, More Beers in Hell festival, and Vantopia in Alberta, Canada, to name a few. Their follow-up record is slated for release on May 24th on Ripple Music, right after their first European tour and appearance at Desertfest London on May 4th. Dip in a record store or swing by your favorite streaming platform to hear for yourself what all the buzz is about!