Void Vator

Los Angeles heavy metal rock band Void Vator was on the road in San Antonio, TX when the world came to a halt. On March 15th 2020 Void Vator performed the 5th show of the Spring Breakneck Tour before being forced to cancel the remainder of the dates and head back to Los Angeles due to the U.S. Covid shutdown. Once home, Void Vator switched gears to finish recording their new album Great Fear Rising. The writing process of Great Fear Rising had been recently completed with drums being tracked a few days prior to the start of tour at Screaming Leopard Studios in Hermosa Beach, CA. As the world struggled to adjust to life after Covid, Void Vator recorded guitars, bass, and vocals with Michael Spreitzer of Devil Driver at Audio Vault Studio in Torrance, CA. Great Fear Rising was mixed and mastered on the East Coast in Milford, CT by Nick Bellmore of Toxic Holocaust/Kingdom of Sorrow at Dexter’s Lab Recording.

In September of 2020, Void Vator flew Detroit video producer Chris Honoway to Los Angeles to film the video for “I Can’t Take It”. Shooting captured Hollywood’s post pandemic landscape of boarded up businesses and hazy skies obscured by smoke as hundreds of wild fires mercilessly burned surrounding cities up and down the West Coast. The video for “I Can’t Take It” portrays Void Vator overcoming ridiculous obstacles to perform a rock show while being tracked and attacked by spies sent by an overzealous political figure hell bent on canceling the world.

“I Can’t Take It” is the first single and video from Great Fear Rising. The video premiered December 4th 2020 on Metal Assault. Void Vator continues to perform live shows in music friendly towns including Phoenix and Tuscon, AZ during the Pandemic. A video for the 2nd single “I Want More” was recently shot by Nikki Kephart during a recent weekend of shows in Arizona, and is currently being
edited for it’s debut in late February. Great Fear Rising will be released on CD and vinyl through Ripple Music on April 23rd of 2021.



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