Hailing from Vancouver, B.C., yet divining their art from the realm of nocturnal fantasies, Spell have already proven themselves mighty chroniclers of the supernatural.

With their latest release, Opulent Decay, Spell have reached a higher plateau — combining classic heavy-metal influences with a progressive, hypnotic spin. Opulent Decay was released on the UK label Bad Omen — run by Angel Witch bassist Will Palmer — and recorded to analogue tape.

“[Opulent Decay] shines with an amazing atmosphere. It’s more melodic, more detailed, and more imaginative than ever” (9/10) – Deaf Forever Magazine

“A captivating mix of Rush and Blue Öyster Cult–hailing classic rock, lyrics inspired by Romantic poets like Keats, Shelley and Coleridge, and more modern elements that evoke everyone from Opeth to Ghost.” – Revolver Magazine

Spell’s 2014 debut The Full Moon Sessions and 2016’s For None And All were mere preludes to Opulent Decay, where moonlit melody, strident heaviness and potent romanticism collide to startling effect.

Spell has already received accolades in the underground, since touring across Canada, the United States and Europe and performing at festivals ‘Hell over Hammaburg’ (Germany), ‘Noctis’ (Calgary), ‘Frost and Fire’ (Ventura, California) and ‘Wings of Metal’ (Montreal).


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