Based in Denver, Abrams was founded in 2013. Abrams debut EP, “February” was released in May 2014 on No List Records. The supporting tour for this release saw the band tour the West Coast, heading immediately into the studio to record their first full length record.

“Lust. Love. Loss” was released independently in June 2015, receiving praise from Metal Injection, Decibel Magazine, Invisible Oranges, and others. The remainder of the year saw Abrams tour West, East, and West again.

Their follow up, “Morning,” came out on Sailor Records in June of 2017, which was supported by three nationwide tours for much of the remaining year. “Morning,” received high praise from Metal Injection, New Noise Magazine, Metalsucks and others.

Abrams has upped the ante with their 2019 Studio Project, titled “Modern Ways.” With a focus on songwriting, lyrical narrative, and addictive hooks and refrains, Abrams presents a highly focused, intensely polished sonic narrative. Written over the course of two and a half years, “Modern Ways” reflects the passions, pains, successes and nightmares of the members of Abrams live’s.


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