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Mariel Mariel is a Chilean composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Conquering styles and stages, her name roars nowadays in the alternative Latin Pop music scene by crossing borders and unifying a new urban sound with her songs.


In her concerts there are flute solos and tribal dancing, a lot of sensuality, but most of all fun and connexion. From South to North of the continent, her music travels keeping its head high by carrying the authentic and eclectic power of Latino Flow.

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She is a natural heired of Latin music and folkloric roots, also of Jazz, of everything that is ethnic and experimental, but her natural school is her father, Pedro Villagra, a gifted musician bound to poetry to Victor Jara and Concepción.


In 2007 she makes her solo debut with the album “No me despierten!” produced by the Chilean record label, Sello Azul. Being a complete success in radio and the streaming of her videos in MTVLA it can be underlined singles such as “La Enredadera”, “No me despierten”, “Aconséjame”, and “La Gata bajo la lluvia” (Rocío Durcal’s cover), this last one showing her great devotion for the popular music, which eventually will take her to travel several times to Mexico until she decided to make the country her base since 2009.


Mexico has been the stage where Mariel can have a wide vision of the Latin American culture, and at the same time she begins an interesting set of collaborations with music industry personalities (Manuel García, Bomba Estéreo, Esteman, Gepe, Pedro Piedra, Juan Cirerol, Erick Rincón, entre otros). “La Música es buena”, her second album is launched in 2011 and it has electronic sounds, along with the collaborations of Natalia Lafourcade, Leonel García (from Sin Bandera) and Juan Manuel Torreblanca.


In 2012, Mariel joins the band of Mexico’s musical revelation, Carla Morrison, whom she traveled all over Mexico, also Colombia and Chile. As a performer, from guitar to piano, passing through transverse flute, chorus and strings, Mariel shows her knowledge in several instruments with this band transmitting the energy and the feeling of the Northern singer.

In 2013 she picks up her solo project, and releases her EP “Foto pa ti”, supported by Carla Morrison’s production company “Pan Dulce” and produced by Chilean Andrés andon (from Sonido Landon), winner of the Latin Grammy 2012 for Best Alternative Production “Déjenme Llorar” by Carla Morrison. Landon gives color and balance to the songs performed by Mariel Mariel, all of these based on Latin rhythms, using rap, cadence and discharge as the way for representing the current urban scene, which is in touch with its own roots and at the same time reinventing them direct from the home studios in the neighborhoods of any city.


Mariel exudes liberation and a sound that proposes a new language. Warm melodies and rimes, authentic sensuality and a huge conscience call are the elements that make this project a revelation in the alternative music scene within our continent.