Battle of Santiago


The dynamic showman duo ‘Los Master Plus’ had their first gig in hometown Guadalajara, Mexico back in 2010 and haven’t stopped touring since. It all started with the idea of mixing its members’ whirlwind of eclectic taste in music in a project that was fun, fresh and straight up party inducing. One side of the band is perhaps the most representative aspect: the folklore of mexican popular rythms such as cumbia and norteño, along with the outfits and special kind of clever and colorful speech that goes with it. On the other hand there is the inluence of foreign genres such as electronic music, rock and hip hop. The combination of it all spawned styles coined by the band as ‘Cumbiatrónico’ (cumbia + electronic) and ‘Sabrosindie’ (sabroso, spanish word for “tasty” + indie). All these elements, along with their viral videos, quickly turned the status of the band into iconic.

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The group’s live shows are full of dance and celebration with a very special feel. You can hear cover songs that take the audience by surprise. Versions turned to cumbia of songs by bands such as Kings of Leon, Radiohead, No Doubt and Daft Punk, but completely adapted to the folksy, playful kind of spanish that represents a big part of mexican culture. They also play unique interpretations of spanish speaking bands such as Los Teen Tops, Joan Sebastian, Jeans and Los Huracanes del Norte. ‘El Comanche’ and ‘Larry Mon’, the two members of the band, keep the crowd interactively entertained and make every presentation an unforgettable experience, a completely fun show where it’s almost impossible not to dance.


Los Master Plus have played more than 25 cities all over Mexico, Europe and South America with a huge success. They have also taken their live show to more than 18 of the most important cities in the U.S. such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Miami, Austin and Las Vegas; obtaining a great response from both Latino and American audiences. Among bands and artist that have shared stage with the band are: Molotov, Kinky, Nortec, Celso Piña, Natalia Lafourcade, Datarock, Cartel de Santa, Calle 13, Cafe Tacvba, Jumbo, Kid Sister y Modest Mouse, among others.


Los Master Plus are currently preparing to debut their first LP album called ‘Adelante’, which will be available in the first quarter of 2015 and will feature important names in the latin alternative music industry such as Gil Cerezo from Kinky, Camilo Lara from MIS and Caloncho.