Battle of Santiago


The dynamic showman duo ‘Los Master Plus’ had their first gig in hometown Guadalajara, Mexico back in 2010 and haven’t stopped touring since. It all started with the idea of mixing its members’ whirlwind of eclectic taste in music in a project that was fun, fresh and straight up party inducing. One side of the band is perhaps the most representative aspect: the folklore of mexican popular rythms such as cumbia and norteño, along with the outfits and special kind of clever and colorful speech that goes with it. On the other hand there is the inluence of foreign genres such as electronic music, rock and hip hop. The combination of it all spawned styles coined by the band as ‘Cumbiatrónico’ (cumbia + electronic) and ‘Sabrosindie’ (sabroso, spanish word for “tasty” + indie). All these elements, along with their viral videos, quickly turned the status of the band into iconic.

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