Vintage Style, Modern Sound – After more than ten years of operating between the Midwest and the West Coast, Reckless Ones has finally found a home in Los Angeles. For Reckless Ones, the road has always seemed to lead west, but that road has been a long and winding one.


Reckless Ones has been a 100 percent DIY operation since forming in 2009 in Minneapolis. Founding members Kevin O’Leary, Dylan Patterson and Adam Boatright were not only the ones onstage electrifying audiences around the world with their unique sound, they were the road crew, the drivers, the muscle, the brains, and the heart of the entire operation. This band understands what it means to pay your dues.  [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]


In their time together, this three-man gang self-released four records; toured Europe, Russia and the United States multiple times; shared the stage with some of rock ’n’ roll’s living legends including Tiger Army, Imelda May, Lee Rocker, Nekromantix, Batmobile, Robert Gordon and Slim Jim Phantom; and accumulated 4.5 million views on Youtube. The band also received a song from Brian Setzer, “Mean Pickin’ Mama,” in 2012. The band’s latest release, Forgive & Regret, marks a new era for the band. While their mix of vintage style and modern sounds remains just as engaging and as fresh as ever, the band has allowed the music to mature with them, resulting in an album that defies genre trappings and tropes, and stands on its own.


With the new album and new hometown comes a new lineup for Reckless Ones. Kevin O’Leary, vocals and guitar, continues to command attention as the dynamic frontman of the trio; Dylan Patterson, drums and vocals, lays down irresistible grooves and rhythms on his stripped-down kit, and newcomer Zander Griffith ties the sound together with his rollicking bass lines and melodic background vocals.


Reckless Ones are a rock ’n’ roll band, plain and simple. Their sound is not some cookie-cutter creation, their music is not intended for any one audience, but rather anyone seeking something honest in a phony world. And in a time like this, who doesn’t want to hear some truth? Reckless Ones say what they mean, they mean what they say, and they put a backbeat to it. See if they don’t make you tap your toes. [/read]