Who knew that rock’n’roll could still be so exhilarating … and musically diverse?


A half-English 4-piece hidden away in the unlikely habitat of Switzerland, Hillbilly Moon Explosion honed their craft without distraction for many years. Searching for the right sound they’ve previously recorded in San Diego, Camden and Tooting allowing more time to get it spot on.


The band are quite an online and vinyl phenomenon, boosted by the My Love For Evermore single, a duet with Spark Phillips. Tattoos of My Love For Evermore have become a thing, with dozens of fans comparing photos on the band’s Facebook page. At least 30 cover-versions add to the eleven million of views of the song’s viral video on Youtube and the 7” vinyl sold out a remarkable seven pressings.

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Much revered in France, they were recently hired to help resurrect the career of the film star and singer Arielle Dombasle. She recorded with the band an album of Hillbilly Moon cover versions, out now as ‘French Kiss’ on Universal.


Last in the UK in 2013, they straddle genres with ease, playing divergent gigs such as the Jazz Cafe?, the Punk Rebellion Festival, Boomtown Festival, and as guests of the Swiss national team at the London Olympics.