The Barefoot Movement

This award-winning tetrad wall of sound is a force of acoustic might. Their genre bending and awe-inspiring tones have made the Nashville based band a modern staple of Americana. The Barefoot Movement’s music is as if Ozzy found Americana and Bill Monroe invented rock-n-roll and separated those parts into their own sounds and original songs.

With their latest EP, Rise & Fly, the Nashville-based musicians comfortably dip their bare toes into everything from the high-energy of “Doin’ Alright,” and the deceptively cheery but acerbic break-up tune, “Every Little Thing,” to the gutsy “Lonely Mississippi Blues” and the stirring call-and-response of the traditional “Early in the Morning.” The phrase “rise and fly,” from that tune, “captured very simply the theme of the whole project,” says singer-songwriter fiddle player and chief songwriter Noah Wall. “Not only in that were bringing traditional stuff back to life, but also in that it’s been so long since we’ve had a new release of original material it feels very much like rising from the ground up and letting these tunes finally take flight.”