The Destruction Of The Cult Of The Sun

In the electric labyrinth of sound, Eben Tenner, the force behind "The Destruction of the Cult of the Sun," conducts a psychedelic electro indie funk sound with a mission.

It's a call to arms against the digital dystopia encroaching on our reality. Each track, a vibrant mix that defies the mundane, serves a dual purpose: to enchant and to enlighten. The catchy tunes are merely the facade, the 'blue pill' for the masses, while the hidden messages within act as the 'red pill,' revealing truths about our pixelated existence and urging listeners to awaken from their digital slumber. With "The Destruction of the Cult," Eben is sounding the alarm for a revolution of consciousness. Prepare to dance to the rhythm of revelation.

E.T.’s choice to shroud his identity in mystery isn't a mere theatrical gesture; it's a deliberate move to keep the spotlight squarely on the message, not the messenger.

In an era where personality often overshadows content, the mask serves as a powerful statement: listen to the music, engage with the ideas, and let the truths hidden within lead the way. This anonymity ensures that listeners are drawn into a deeper engagement with the music's call to awareness, prompting a collective reflection on our digital existence without the distraction of a public persona.