Watermelon Funk

Watermelon Funk is a collective of Funkaholic's assembled by D'Vibes as he leads us on a trip through intergalactic grooves! You can check out the band's new album "Enter the Galaxy of Woo" on all streaming platforms. 

Funkatopia Review:

Watermelon Funk is yet another Parliament Funkadelic spin off with those great funk standard riffs and keyboards. It’s all a mish-mash of funktastic artistry from Garrett ShiderKevin GoinsD’VibesBrittney BeckettBQuiz, and others.

The entire album is fully encased in the project and adds that fully charged Parliament sound with the strange sound effects, Aquaboogie-esque freaky voices and whining complete with the Bernie Worrell style synths and the entire P-funk package. George would be proud. And probably is.