Hate Drugs

HATE DRUGS is a California based indie rock band that has been performing and releasing music together since 2014 with the debut EP “Rough Daze”.  The continued releasing singles and EP’s while building a strong local following in Bakersfield and Southern California. In 2016 HATE DRUGS released their “Beach Weekend” EP which was well received online and on tour. 

HATE DRUGS has since released 2 LPs and toured from coast to coast playing shows with other emerging indie artists such as Ritt Momney, Dayglow, Briston Maroney, HARBOUR and many more.

HATE DRUGS has continued to have success online as well, garnering over 10 million streams across platforms, and have been featured in publications such as Earmilk, Rocka Mag, Poptized, Cereal + Sounds and many more.

The connection between HATE DRUGS and their fanbase is very strong, and if you witness their electric performances, dive into their catalog of music videos, or connect with the band after a show, you’ll understand why. 

HATE DRUGS is currently working on another full length album that will be slowly releasing throughout 2023 and 2024. Follow HATE DRUGS as they explore this next chapter of their story.