Tito Ramírez

Tito Ramírez is one of the most controversial artists from the past few years originating from the Spanish Mambo, Boogaloo, and R&B scene. Now he is releasing his second album “El Prince” to worldwide acclaim. 
On November 4th, 2016, Disco Antifaz released two songs by an anonymous artist known as Tito Ramírez. A rumor began to spread that the tracks were lost and unpublished recordings from the 1960s. No one could find any information about the artist and the single sold out in just four days. The singles (Lonely Man / Be My Girl) were quickly picked up and played on the dance floors of the best soul, R&B, and pop clubs around the world, especially in Belgium and England. 
The demand for the album by collectors and DJs was so high that within a few weeks of running out of stock, copies were being sold for 300€ on the second-hand market. The singles became instant classics for a new generation and were named by the Pow Bow Club in London as “The album of the decade”.

Shortly after the release of these mysterious songs, Discos Antifaz announced a one night performance by the enigmatic artist in Madrid. To the surprise of the sold out audience, Tito Ramírez was a new artist with his own repertoire and prodigious show. 
In his live performances, you can hear an energetic repertoire Boogaloo, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Mambo, or Cha Cha Chá - a sound reminiscent of James Brown and Perez Prado.
After 5 singles and one full-length record, the long-awaited follow up LP by Tito Ramírez has finally arrived, entitled “El Prince” (2023, El Volcán Música & Discos Antifaz). On \"El Prince\", Tito Ramírez returns to form but with a deepeing and expanding aesthetic range. His rhythmic and stylistic melting pot is broad and encompasses Latin music in its different facets, with Afro-American and Anglo-Saxon rhythms, as he has shown with the two advance singles: Culpable (Guilty is de bugaloop) y Pal Barrio.