Weapons of Mass Creation

Weapons of Mass Creation share a close-knit bond much deeper than music. The live hip-hop band from Anaheim is composed of two sets of skillful siblings. Sharing a passion for the culture, the multifaceted musicians have crafted a distinctive sound that’s both soulful and subversive. 

If music is the weapon, as Fela Kuti once said, Weapons of Mass Creation wield their songs with revolutionary poise and purpose. 

Whether in the lab or live on stage, Weapons of Mass Creation continues to bend the boundaries of hip-hop through relaxed infusions of funk, soul, cumbia and even reggaetón. The band challenges rebel rap conventions with a bold radical intimacy that serves as lyrical guide. 

Expanding their formation into an octet, the roster enlists Franco siblings Naps (bass/vocals), Crudo (keyboards/producer), Moe Budda (drums/emcee/producer) Luis (guitar/vocals), Silas (saxophone/vocals), Joules (emcee/ vocals) and Quiñonez brothers Soli (emcee), EQ (emcee).