Mvll Crimes

Aggress against, worship again, new as new is, suffocate me. There is always someone to praise, the demagoguery of modern media makes it hard to see the forest through the trees. Put your phone down in the other room, sit back, and soak in the distorted view of MVLL CRIMES. Steal away this moment for your own.

Formed in 2019 out of a need to create something heavy and thought provoking, Patrick Briggs asked Jillian Clair to join him in his newest musical project. Writing their first EP in an afternoon, and recording it in the same amount of time, Patrick waited until Jill finished her masters degree before recording her vocals. Finishing their formation with the best musicians they know; bassist Laurie McColeman and drummer Evan Martin, MVLL CRIMES would self release their 2020 debut tape \\\"ROVDSIDE VTTRVRTIONS\\\" just as the pandemic swept the world and closed every venue.

Not resting on their laurels, MVLL CRIMES would take this time to write and record their 2021 follow up EP, \\\"BOOTLICKERS DELIGHT\\\" and being touring their native Canada as soon as restrictions began lifting. Catching the attention of up and coming Toronto record label Cursed Blessings Records, MVLL CRIMES would record and release their latest 2022 effort, \\\"YOU EMBVRSS ME\\\" on vinyl and digital distrobution through the label. You can find MVLL CRIMES on the road touring consistently throughout Canada and beyond this year.

Notable performances include:

  • recent episode of CBC / CBC Gem program \\\"The Intro\\\" dedicated entirely to MVLL CRIMES
  • supporting legendary Canadian punk band Propagandhi in multiple markets
  • touring with Dine Alone Records artists Single Mothers and The Dirty Nil