Audio Karate

Blurring the lines between pop-punk, emo, and post-hardcore for over 20 years, Audio Karate is comprised of Arturo Barrios, Jason Camacho, Justo Gonzalez, and Gabriel Camacho. Formed in 1999 in Rosemead, California, AK music was borne out of Southern California Mexican-American culture and the band’s love for 80s and 90s punk and metal.  After a 12 year hiatus, they reunited in 2018 for the reissue of their first record, Space Camp, on vinyl with Wiretap Records.  In 2019, they released their lost third album, Malo, to positive critical reviews.  Since reuniting, AK has shared the stage with punk veterans such as Rise Against, Descendents, Unwritten Law, TSOL, as well new school acts such as Spanish Love Songs, Pool Kids, and Tightwire.  AK has garnered a cult-like following amongst fans old and new and is often thought of as "your favorite band's favorite band".

Partnering with Iodine Recordings/Deathwish for 2022's LP ¡OTRA!, and 2023's A Show of Hands EP, AK continues to write and record new music and tour regionally across the US.