Tsunami Bomb

Northern California punk rock cult favorite, TSUNAMI BOMB, has risen from the grave and reformed stronger than ever, embracing their signature style of aggressive pop-punk supplemented by a touch of darkness and new wave. 

Originally formed in 1998 and disbanding in 2005 after two LPs, a number of EPs, and many member changes, TSUNAMI BOMB reformed at the end of 2015. This new release finds the quintet brought back to life with the return of founders Dominic Davi (bass/backing vocals,) Oobliette Sparks (keyboards/co-lead vocals,) and Gabriel Lindeman (drums,) now joined by Kate Jacobi (lead vocals) and Andrew Pohl (guitars/backing vocals.) With the release of their latest album, "THE SPINE THAT BINDS" on Jello Biafra’s legendary punk rock label, Alternative Tentacles Records, they scratch the itch for die-hard fans looking for that familiar TSUNAMI BOMB sound but also show a new, angrier and brutally honest side of the band. As Biafra himself has said, “You don’t compare the sound of Tsunami Bomb to other bands, you compare other bands to Tsunami Bomb.”

As they proclaim in the title track of “THE SPINE THAT BINDS,” they are bringing about a new chapter to their story, their fight, their song... and they are taking us all with them.