Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys

Serious songwriting from YEARS of hardship, road experience and inner turmoil.
The way it was supposed to be, but with a new approach.

Over 10 years of relentless touring has cemented SASQUATCH as one of the most high gear, powerhouse band leaders around... his bands, The Sick-a-Billys, Holy Hellraisers, Full Moon Boys and his critically acclaimed King Sickabilly \\\'One Man Band\\\' have all stayed true as far as vocals, lyrics and his fiery guitar-work. Never giving up his song-writing mission... keeping real music alive and dangerous in the under-underground. Risen from a not so forgotten past, when Live Music still meant something and the scene wasn\\\'t a Pre-Apocalyptic Ghost Town... bloody fingertips and a soul-haunting voice will deliver you songs about Sin, Love, Murder, Tornadoes and drinking until you wake up under a random barstool.