Hoaxed is a female trio metal band out of Portland, Oregon, unveiling their captivating debut full-length, Two Shadows, on Relapse Records. Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Kat Keo, drummer Kim Coffel, and bassist April Dimmick, Hoaxed’s superlative blend of styles—rock, gothic, Americana, gloom and metal—paves the way for a singular expression that’s entirely their own. 

After gigs with Unto Others, Blackwater Holylight and Eternal Champion, as well as a high-profile U.S. tour with Amorphis, followed by a Pacific NW tour with High on Fire, Hoaxed are off to an auspicious start. While the group’s self-titled EP has earned rave reviews, Two Shadows ups the ante considerably. Not only is it formidable musically and sonically, but Hoaxed have channeled a rare combination of anxiety, nostalgia, and darkness into Two Shadows. Welcome to the gloom!