The Oxys

“Combining punk, sleaze, rock n’ roll and powerpop. The Oxys’ jumping-off point is second album Dead Boys where their songs were shifting up a notch with melody and craft.” - Gerry Ranson, Vive Le Rock

The Oxys have returned with their sophomore full length LP, Generation Irrelevant (Dead Beat Records) just eight months after releasing their first full length release, and it’s heater!! The potent songwriting team of guitarist Jason “Ginchy” Kottwitz (Dead Boys, Sylvain Sylvain and The Sylvains) and vocalist “PunkRockPhil” Davis are back with a vengeance to let it be known that you and your opinion do not matter. You have been deemed Generation Irrelevant.

Immediately following the release of the first record, A Date With The Oxys (Dead Beat Records) — of which Classic Rock Magazine (January 2023) declared “Every song sounds like an A Side” – Ginchy went on a writing binge and churned out sixty new tracks, sending them over to Phil one at a time, some with lyrics, some without. Phil filled in the blanks and put the finishing touches on the ones that caught his ear. Come January 1st, 2023, the band entered Ice Cream Studios with Matt Parmenter to track Date’s follow-up. Ginchy immediately took the recordings to his home facility for their final mix. Famed mastering engineer Jack Butcher at Austin’s Enormous Door Studio added the finishing touches.

“The new album is more punishing than the first in terms of tempos and angst level,” muses Ginchy. “Probably as a result of me being pissed off that I had to wait 12 months for the first record to be pressed.”

From opener “Ticking Time Bomb’s” flame-thrower guitars and sky-punching “whoa-whoa” hooks, to “Isolation’s” chiming, intense evocation of pandemic-bred shielding and claustrophobia, to the rumbling “Screaming In Silence,” Generation Irrelevant is one follow-up album which does not suffer from the dreaded Sophomore Jinx.

There have been some changes to The Oxys since the last LP. “We have recently added a new rhythm guitarist,” notes Ginchy. “She goes by the name Genocide. Not only does she come in and nail the guitar parts, she is a tremendous help and confidant behind the scenes. Her talents seemingly know no bounds and include video, photography, marketing, etc.”

“More importantly, she maintains a positive attitude when the struggle of being a musician becomes real. The Oxys are lucky to have her onboard. It’s already been suggested by fans that we change the name of the band to ‘The Foxys,’” he smirks “I’m guessing they aren’t talking about me.”

The rest of the crew remains the same. Gabriel Von Asher, who played alongside Ginchy for many years in the Cheetah Chrome solo band and Sylvain Sylvain and the Sylvains, handles bass duties. Rob Williamson, who played in Nowherebound, puts in an unruly Keith Moon-esque performance. Punkrock Phil is also back in the kitchen, laying down thick icing on this punk rock n’ roll masterpiece.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better vocal performance,” exclaims Ginchy.

The first single from Generation Irrelevant is “Mr. Horrible,” written by Ginchy about Sid Vicious. “Sylvain Sylvain was staying in my guest bedroom, and he called me in to tell me a story one day,” he recalls. “Syl explained that when Sid Vicious first met Freddie Mercury, Sid asked Freddie if he had succeeded in bringing ballet to the masses, clearly being snarky and poking fun at him. Sylvain told me that Freddie always referred to Sid as ‘Mr. Horrible’ from that moment on. I later learned that Freddie actually called him ‘Mr. Ferocious,’ but I found Syl’s enthusiastic presentation of the story quite charming, so I kept the original name he provided me.

The Oxys were formed at the start of 2020 during the height of the pandemic. Winners of Austin’s 2019 Punk Rock Lottery (in which local musicians are randomly banded together to write, perform and compete with each other), guitarist Jason “Ginchy” Kottwitz and vocalist “PunkRockPhil” Davis quickly realized they shared a potent songwriting chemistry along with a mutual love of late- 1970s gutter rock, snot punk and a penchant for power pop. So they decided to form a "real band" together called The Oxys.

A Date With The Oxys, with its mix of ‘70s FM radio hooks and raw, trashy, gutter punk ‘n’ roll, received across-the-board acclaim upon its release late last year. Daryl Smyers in Texas Monthly wrote, “This isn’t wind-up hardcore or some guys who wear punk apparel picked up at the thrift store. A Date with the Oxys is an ugly, menacing romp through the best seedy punk rock of the ’70s. Think of Johnny Thunders’ Heartbreakers and the early work of the Replacements.” Ames Flames in US Rocker called attention to the album’s “well-crafted songs with just the right amount of dirt with a punk edge. Plus they don’t sound like anyone else. You can hear their influences in the material but this band is not a carbon copy of anyone.” Chad Williams at Razorcake wrote “The Oxys have that classic rock’n’roll swagger, big, chunky power chords and, best of all, a lead singer with character, vulnerability, and a sense of realness that’s so often lacking." And Dave Glessner at 2Fast2Die sums it up saying “A Date with The Oxys...buzzes with all the fast-and-loose swagger one would expect from a band that started with a roll of the dice...One listen, and you’ll be hooked."

True to form, The Oxys have already returned to the studio for their 3rd full-length within 12 months, hot on Generation Irrelevant’s heels. We believe “prolific” is the word you're searching for.

Jason "Ginchy" Kottwitz - Lead Guitar

"PunkrockPhil" Davis - Vocals

Genocide - Rhythm Guitar

Gabriel Von Asher - Bass

Rob Williamson - Drums