O.N.E The Duo

O.N.E The Duo is the first Black mother/daughter duo in Country music and their story is rooted in Hip-Hop royalty. Tekitha (mother) is the featured female vocalist for Wu-Tang Clan, and Prana is the daughter of RZA, the founder and de facto leader of Wu-Tang Clan. Together they are pioneers, becoming the first artists to journey from Hip-Hop to Country.

After moving to Nashville in 2016, the pair created their own hybrid Country style with a diverse range of musical influences including Chris Stapleton, Fleetwood Mac, The Judds, and Motown — and yet is all their own.

Named to CMT’s Next Women of Country in 2023, O.N.E The Duo (“O.N.E” stands for Observant, Noetic, and Effervescent) will release their debut album Blood Harmony on August 11, with 12 tracks serving as a chapter reflecting the duo’s spirit, life and vision. Using their unique storytelling as the through line from Hip-Hop to Country, O.N.E The Duo is claiming the space they are due, and forging their own path.