Fingernails Are Pretty

Fingernails Are Pretty (FAP) is a femme Foo Fighters tribute band based out of Nashville, TN.  The brainchild of professional drummer Angela Lese (Kalie Shorr, formerly of Raelyn Nelson and The Dead Deads), FAP began as a way to pay tribute to her late drumming idol and beloved Foo Fighters’ drummer, Taylor Hawkins.  This passion project features an all female/trans/non-binary (NB) line-up, unapologetically leaving the notion that rock and roll is still just a boys club in the dust.

     Fingernails Are Pretty (a lyric taken from the Foo Fighters’ first single, “This Is A Call”) features Nashville touring musicians, Rachel Brandsness (of Flarelight, formerly Fools For Rowan) on lead guitar, Mariah Schneider (of Julien Baker, Slider) on rhythm guitar, and Alyson Dellinger (of Flummox) on bass, and tours with Nashville’s most notable alt-rocker, Vera Bloom, commanding the stage on vocals.  Locally, FAP features a cast of rotating singers, serving to showcase some of the incredible but under-served female/trans/NB talents within the Nashville rock scene and bringing them to center stage.

     Together, this “supergroup” boasts decades of live performance experience.  Individually they have shared stages with some of rock’s most notable artists, including Paramore, Evanescence, Halestorm, Faith No More, L7, and more.  Fingernails Are Pretty performs two hours of Foo Fighters’ hits with a level of raucous energy and entertainment unexpected of anyone but the Foos themselves.