Taylor Hunnicutt

"When I tell you that Taylor Hunnicutt is from Alabama
what I mean to say is that Taylor Hunnicutt plays Alabama
music. it's honest, it's unapologetic, and it's pure. She
possesses one of the most electrifying voices this side of
Heaven, and she's got the songwriting chops to match it.

She's also assembled one of the most hard-hitting, earth-
moving, soul-shaking bands to ever turn a tuning peg.

drawing influence from multiple corners of the landscape
of American roots music, Hunnicutt delivers a fresh brand
of heartbreak from the perspective of a strong and proud -
yet still troubled and introspective - woman in the modern
world. She writes with an honesty and sincerity that is
undeniable; yielding tune after tune of swampy, buttery,

fiery groove."
- Carl Carbonell