Red Dirt Revolution

It’s said a cowboy's 3 biggest lies are :

1) I've stopped drinkin'.

2) My pick up truck is paid for.

3) I won this belt buckle in a rodeo.

But one truth …... RED DIRT REVOLUTION is not just a great band, playing the greatest country hits. Their show is the place to be if you’re looking to get your country music party on. 

here we go again :
Fixin’ to.
I reckon.
Over Yonder.
If any of dem expressions be part of yer daily lexicon ( big city word for normal shit ) then you’re prolly already one of the legions of loyal  RED DIRT REVOLUTION fans however, you don’t have to be a subscriber of Farmers Only dot com to understand and appreciate how much fun a RED DIRT REVOLUTION show is.  ZZ Top sang of  “beer drinkers and hell raisers“ and truer words cannot be spoken when describing a RED DIRT REVOLUTION  show.

Country music comprises the biggest musical demographic in The United States and RED DIRT REVOLUTION is arguably the biggest country party band on the east coast. 

Join the revolution. Viva La Revolucion!  RED DIRT REVOLUTION!!!