Gilda House

The Montana-based electronic duo, Gilda House, is out to snare your soul with their new single “Give Me Some”, a synthpop smasher that leans toward the shadow inside. Mixed by Grammy nominated producer Alex Newport, “Give Me Some” is resonant of the 90s without the nostalgic emptiness that usually follows in modern revivals. Instead, the song pounds a path forward to the future, blending the band’s deeper exploration into a more focused, modern sound. Pulsing, deep-pocket bass, intimate vocals and sizzling synths wind their way into your ears, imploring you to dance.

The space and the haunting vocals create a cinematic ambiance that draws the listener in and urges them to be truly involved. Reminiscent of the best parts of Portishead, but with more teeth, Gilda House achieves a poignant and urgent groove. This newest release is indeed their strongest, adding to their collection of other killer tracks, as well as a solid music video catalog. This tune clearly signals a watershed for the band. Rising with strength, the heart is here. Their passion is here. The song encloses the listener in its world. It’s expansive and inclusive. It is growth and evolution.