The Hickoids are a long running Central Texas band that trace their roots to the early 80s Austin punk scene that spawned greats such as Scratch Acid, The Offenders and Butthole Surfers. From their cowpunk beginnings the band has morphed into something that contemporary listeners will recognize as “roadhouse punk.”  The band combines a flair for showmanship, a never lost irreverent attitude and musical adeptness that allows them to fold a lot of different Southern American roots styles into a sound that is uniquely their own. Hickoids are equally at home in a blues club, a country bar or the punkest of punk dives and since reforming in the mid/late 2000s the band has played over 800 shows in at least half the 50 U.S. states, Canada and ten European countries. They’ve shared the stage with everyone form Nine Inch Nails to The Old 97s, The Flaming Lips to The Flamin’ Groovies, Roky Erickson to Lucinda Williams and a whole lot of folks in between. 

Their most recent single ‘Almost Nearly Nancy’, a yarn of unrequited love on the edge of an apocalypse, is a bouncy two and one-half minute slice of protopunk that has western edge and a classic feel. The tune was recorded back in 2019 with producer Mike Mariconda at Sol de Sant Studio in Barcelona and finishing touches were recently applied in Texas. It has quickly become the band’s most streamed song to date on Spotify. Critic Tim Stegall of the Austin Chronicle says: “Austin's kings of punktry & western drop an immaculate raunch bomb on their way outta town, escaping the Delta variant-fueled Stage 5 pall for some mid-South touring. ‘Almost Nearly Nancy’ snarls through layers of post-Keef guitar grind and prime wah-pedal abuse, as Jeff Smith lets loose his best lonesome polecat strut: "I've seen your face airbrushed on the side of a van/ With the words below, 'She'll destroy a man'/ I believe you can." This single's everything the Rolling Stones haven't been since “Exile on Main St.’, and all Primal Scream's wanted to be their whole career – best Hickoids record ever!”