César “Vampiro” López (born in Guadajara, Mexico) is one of the best-known guitarists in Latin America. Currently he is the guitarist for the Mexican rock group, Jaguares.  He started playing with Jaguares in 1998 and can be heard in the records Bajo El Azul de Tu Misterio (1999),  Cuando La Sangre Galopa (2001), El Primer Instinto (2002), Crónicas de un Laberinto (2005) and 45 (2008) . For [45] the group won a Grammy Award for “Latin Album Best Alternative / Rock” and two Latin Grammys: “Best Rock Album” (for 45) and “Best Rock Song” (for Entre tus Jardines). 

 He was a member of Mana between 1991 and 1994. With Mana, he recorded the hit album Donde Jugarån Los Niños (“Where will the children play?”) in 1992. Many Latin Americans know his name from the song “Me Vale” which begins with the phrase “Echale Vampiro” (“Play it Vampire!”).