Bursting onto the scene from astral dust, several credits on their jet burn spangled leathers, TRAVELER arrives to bring starbreaking Heavy Metal back into the mind. Instead of in one ear, out the other, we have a 5 piece leaving nothing behind on the stage, a veritable street machine firing on all cylinders at 100%. Their sonic attack defies a need for bells and whistles, and screams with the energy only now archived on old vhs tapes of metal shows anywhere from the Marquee in London to the Troubadour in LA. TRAVELER speeds into the future with song craft that operates under a prime directive: CLASSICS ONLY.

Hailing from Canada, TRAVELER does not shirk it’s massive fandom for Old Metal, the band’s high flying sound conjures up the memory of VOIVOD contemporaries DEAF DEALER. The band recently hooked up with DEAF DEALER bass player Jean-Pierre Fortin for a compilation track, with future collaborations in planning!

TRAVELER is currently releasing their second LP titled TERMINATION SHOCK, which will feature several new collaborations with the full band as well as a surprise entailing more “Canadian Metal” history! After a successful showing at both Keep It True festival in Germany and Legions of Metal Fest in Chicago, the band will waste no time looking into the future, and are booking a European tour for the upcoming sophomore LP! Currently booked on: BroFest UK 2020, Hell Over Hammaburg 2020 and Up The Hammers Festival 2020

JP Abboud (Gatekeeper, ex-Borrowed Time) – Lead Vocals
Matt Ries (Gatekrashor, Hrom) – Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Toryin Schadlich (Hazzerd) – Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Dave Arnold (ex-Striker) – Bass Guitar
Chad Vallier (Riot City) – Drums