Nortec Collective: Hiperboreal

One of four internationally recognized musical groups that make up the musical projects of NORTEC COLLECTIVE. Nominated twice for a Grammy, PG Beas is a visionary artist with a great track record, regarded today as one of the best artists in electronic musical sound. Along with HIPERBOREAL he will continue looking for new musical paths, contributing to the unique sound that has characterized the NORTEC COLLECTIVE.

HIPERBOREAL began its career with an record under its arm, to include Loop Eternal and Kinkle the same futuristic world full collective Nortec Sampler named launched in 1999. It was in 2001 when the label Palm Pictures released Tijuana Sessions Vol. 1 of NORTEC COLECTIVE which was distributed worldwide positioning them as the most important electronic group in all of Latin America.

In 2005, the album Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3 was nominated for two Grammys, one for best group and one for best alternative album art. This led the Collective to perform in larger and important venues around the world including The Royal Festival Hall in London, Aichi in Japan, Ellyssee Montmartre in Paris, Sonar in Barcelona, The Rockside Festival in Denmark, the National Arts Centre in Mexico, among others, and the first electronic group to ever perform at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City, Mexico.

From the long list of collaborations Hiperboreal made the one made with Beck and Alan Parsons stands out, besides participating in soundtracks of movies like Fast Food Nation by Richard Linklater and Babel by Alejandro González Iñárritu some songs were selected to be used in different websites, festivals such as Cultures 2008 and shows like BIG LOVE on HBO.

After a tour that took the group name and sound to the entire planet, in early 2008 the 4 projects decided it was time for everyone to work and publish their material individually creating NORTEC COLECTIVIE HIPRBOREAL, currently in full promotion of its new material, BORDER REVOLVER, launching as the first single, Sensational, in collaboration with Azzyk Binraz (Madame Ur and her men) joining a range of excellent singers, voices and newcomers, like Adrian Dargelos (Babasonicos) with the El Sastre del Diablo.