Master Blaster Sound System

Master Blaster Sound System is at the nexus of Cumbia, Norteño, Regio Culture and Urban EDM. It’s Andres Landero meets the Wu-Tang Clan, Selena shaking hands with Die Antwoord and Stevie Wonder sharing beers with Ramon Ayala.

Master Blaster and its members have been featured along-side artists like Angela Hunte, Red Rat, Grupo Fantasma and Ruben Ramos as well as in motion pictures like Machete Kills, and on HBO, AMC, A&E, FX and PBS.

Master Blaster Sound System is producing fresh sounds and beats for a new generation of cross-pollinated youth. Electronic toys, live beats and a full band push the live show envelope and serve as a bridge between DJ culture, live music performances and the cumbia underground.