Kris Lager

A KLB show is a legitimate Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival and an Electric Church.  The energy this band throws out from the drop of the first beat is truly contagious, and it becomes impossible to sit still. Led by the dynamic Kris Lager, he makes it his intention to move you physically and emotionally. With an unrivaled intensity he delivers raw, and powerful music through his emotional guitar playing and singing.

Kris Lager Band have been a touring force for the past 10 years..

Their new album ‘Heavy Soul & Boogie Trance’ is a continuation to their ever exploring musical tastes and approach. An all analog and mostly live recording produced by Kelly Finnigan & Ian McDonald of Monophonics fame features their trademark lo-fi sound. The record was recorded in the bay area at Transistor Studios and mixed by Sergio Rios of the stellar funk ensemble, Orgone. It is a powerful statement of road life, love & romance, a splash of social commentary, and a few old fashioned fun jams. All tied together with heavy guitar grooves, funky drums, thick keys, and powerful bass.

The record is a follow up to their Tab Benoit produced recording Platte River Runaway which showcases a more laid back and bluesy effort. The Louisiana legend helped bring to life a strong bluesy and country side that hasn’t been showcased very often from these troubadours. The recording was conceived after a swamp ride off of the Intercostal Canal of Louisiana’s bayou. Tab believed that if they were going to make a record together they’d first have to get a little taste of the swamp and experience treeverb. The sound of the music reverberating off of the water and the cypress trees. Which Tab mimics on one of the key tracks ‘Slow Down’. Through that boat ride and ‘near death experience’ another KLB live staple came to life, ‘Sunshine On The Bayou’

“I have a supergroup behind me!” Says, Kris Lager. “Anyone in the band could just take over at any momemt and put you in a ‘Boogie Trance’! Before you even realize whats going on your foot is tapping, then your hips are shakin’ and your shoulders are shimmying… you have lost control!  That my friend, is the BOOGIE TRANCE”