The Killjoys

The Killjoys released their first album Starry in 1994 through Cargo Records; the album was later re-released on Warner Music Canada.[1] The singles "Today I Hate Everyone" and "Dana" were played on MuchMusic and MusiquePlus. Mike Trebilcock was also nominated for a Juno Award with Antoine Moonen in 1994, for "Best Album Design" for "Starry". The band was also nominated for a Rock Radio Award for "Independent Artist of the Year".

In 1996, the band released their second album, Gimme Five. The album's lead single, "Rave + Drool", was included on the very first Big Shiny Tunes compilation album. The band received a Juno Award for "Best New Groupin 1997.

In 1998, the band released their third album, Melos Modos. After filming a music video in Mexico for the album's lead single "I've Been Good", the film was stolen by a crew member. The crew member demanded $13,000, threatening to destroy the film otherwise. The ransom was paid and the footage was returned safely.[2]

In April 1999, the band released a live album entitled Onenight and a Morningafter. In June 1999, The Killjoys signed to Shoreline Records.[3] In 2000, lead singer/guitarist Mike Trebilcock released a solo album entitled Shield Millions. After three years of inactivity, The Killjoys reunited in 2002 for another performance. A "best of" compilation was released in 2005 called Essentials.

Gene Champagne formed Junior Achiever, and released "All the Little Letdowns" in 2008. His current band is The Unteens, and he is also the drummer for Canadian band Teenage Head.

Mike Trebilcock is a film composer, scoring such films as the award-winning 2021 horror/comedy, Crabs!, and The Fight Machine, an action/drama film directed by Andrew T. Hunt, based on The Fighter by Craig Davidson.

In 2011, The Killjoys were featured on a compilation entitled, "Today I Hate Everyone - Perfect Songs For A Crappy Day", alongside The RamonesWeen and Hüsker Dü.

In March 2015, The Killjoys reunited for a show in Hamilton that coincided with the Juno Awards being held there that month. The band played a few more shows over the next two years, after which bassist Shelley Woods quit the band and the band decided to break up again.

In 2022, The Killjoys reunited again, performing their first show since 2017 on October 1, 2022 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.