Glitter Wizard

Glitter Wizard plays a unique brand of freak rock that Julian Cope once described as “unashamedly glamorous hard rock” and he’s not wrong. These San Francisco longhairs from another dimension were raised on punk and mix screaming riffs with a high octane stage show full of sequins, headbanging and a sonic attack that’ll leave you dazed and ready for the next hit. Imagine The Stooges stole the outifts from the Spiders from Mars, Dik Mik from Hawkwind and hit the stage on a speed bender.   

They have assembled a legion of glitterati touring the US and Europe, playing club shows and festivals like Roadburn, Muskelrock, Duna Jam, Desert Fest, Burger Boogaloo, SXSW, Desert Daze, Psycho de Mayo and Heavy Days in Doomtown along the way.Their music has been featured in film, podcasts, the X Games, and even a low budget porno. Glitter Wizard has released 4 full-length albums, 3 EPs and are constantly working to keep the real spirit of rock n’ roll undead and feasting on the brains of young and old alike. 

“Glitter Wizard is the only band I will ever serve, and I love their outfits!” – Satan