Good To Be King

Good To Be King was started by John Kaldenberg and Brandon Darner in 2002 as a four piece cover band called The Jesters. Early on they added Russ Tomlinson on drums an Micah Natera on lead guitar. They had six or seven Tom Petty songs on their set list and played regularly at local venues. 

With the passing of Tom Petty in August of 2017, the band decided they would like to have a tribute show for Tom. They added Ross Vanderwerf on bass and keyboardist extraordinaire Justin Appel. The show sold out and Good To Be King was born. 

Since 2002 their attitude towards performing covers has stayed the same, “Play it like you wrote it!” John says “We aren’t going to try to look like them or act like them, but we will sound like them.” GTBK has, and will continue to bring the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers sound and feel to audiences across the country.