Broadway Calls

From their label, Red Scare:

We’ve been fans of Broadway Calls for a while now and after years of pestering they finally gave in and joined the team.  Their exact words were, “It would take a catastrophic act of god that destroyed the music industry for us to consider working with Red Scare.”  And what do ya know!  Thank you, 2020.  (Ironically, the record is about the impending civil war and apocalypse… so maybe this is all their doing?!)  Then we sent ‘em down to the Bay Area to work with Scott Goodrich (Culture Abuse, Direct Hit!, etc.) and they emerged with the best 11 songs we’ve ever heard from this Oregon trio.  “Sad In The City” is fast, it’s loud, and most of all it is catchy as hell.  It’s their finest full length and it’ll likely go down as one of the top releases in our entire catalog.