AJ Vallejo’s PURPLE NATION is not your average Prince tribute band “I’m not doing this to impersonate my idol in some cheesy nostalgic way, I’m a super Prince fan, as are fans of this revue that I’ve had the pleasure of doing for over 10 years. He was my idol & teacher in the way I approach music & performing with absolute focus on being a better entertainer every day….So yeah, I’m gonna give it everything I got to push the envelope the way he always did. That’s what you’re gonna get when PURPLE NATION comes to your city.” AJ Vallejo’s PURPLE NATION has quickly become one the nation’s top Prince revues performing the Kid’s greatest hits, fan faves & a blistering live show. Don’t get him wrong, AJ’s not completely anti-nostalgic. “I have the Cloud guitar and i can cut a mean rug in them heels haha..”