Born out of an abundance of song writing and beer drinking by Ian Cook, and formed in the winter of 2014, comes an amalgamation of the golden age of rock & roll. Behold, Woebegone. Larry And His Flask band members Ian Cook, Andrew Carew & Kirk Skatvold accompanied by drummer Dayne Wood have stretched their musical legs generating a fusion of the best parts of the past few decades in music, while somehow managing to offer a fresh take on it all. 

Two years in the making, "hashing it out" in Dayne Wood's recording studio, The Firing Room, comes Woebegone's debut album, named for what the band can only describe as "Supple Rock". From the harmonious sounds of the Beatles and The Band, to the searing guitar work the likes of Queen and Thin Lizzy, Supple Rock is somewhere between soft rock and early heavier styles. All the while retaining a melodiousness that seems to bridge the gap between the past and the present. 

With Cook, Carew and Skatvold bringing along with them the live energy that is a signature of LAHF along with Wood's heavy-handed backbeat, Woebegone is quite the crowd pleaser and never leaves a dance floor unscuffed. 
Priding themselves as a prolific songwriting band, "Supple Rock" comprised of a lengthy 17 tracks, Woebegone is already hard at work on a new album of the same length. Expect to see quite a lot from these ear-catching party crashers in the near future - on record and the stage."