In the mid-70's Waylon Jennings and The Waylors were a pivotal force that knocked Nashville and country music back on their heels with their own way of doing things, standing up for their rights to create their own music, a movement they called Outlaw music. A few years after the passing of Waylon in 2002, his Waylors' band members, Richie Albright, Jerry Bridges, and Fred Newell, formed Waymore's Outlaws to honor Waylon and to keep his music alive. A year later they invited Tommy Townsend to join their Outlaw band on lead guitar and vocals. In the years that followed they recorded three albums, toured the nation, Canada, and Europe with their outlaw spirit playing Waylon's songs and one of theirs now and then. Collectively, The Waylors', Albright, Bridges, and Newell, played on the recordings of Waylon's mega hits such as I Ain't Living Long Like This, Theme Song from the Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys), Luckenbach Tx (Back To The Basics Of Love) and Rainy Day Woman, as well as countless other hits.

In late 2013 they began a three year touring engagement with Waylon and Jessi's son, Shooter Jennings, opening his shows and backing him on stage. On February 26, 2017, Waymore's Outlaws will once again board Sixthman's Outlaw Country Cruise performing with Shooter, and on this second voyage, with the First Lady of Outlaw Country, Jessi Colter. 

Waymore's Outlaws are continuing today what Waylon began in the '70s, doing things their own way. Beginning in March 2017, Waymore's Outlaws will be venturing back out on the road to once again perform full sets on their own bringing a mix of Waylon's music and their own original music to audiences across the globe.
Original Music: Same Ol' Outlaws cd contains 8 original songs recorded in a classic country style that would have made Waylon proud. Lesson In Loneliness, an original song included on their third cd, Keeping The Spirit Alive, was written by Jerry Bridges and Danny Epps.

Waymore's Outlaws is not a tribute band nor a cover band, on stage, they perform a combination of Waylon's signature hit songs and their own original songs in a highly-entertaining 60, 75 or 90-minute set.

Richie Albright, Waylon’s original drummer, longtime friend, and right-hand man, joined Waylon and The Waylors in 1964. Richie not only toured and recorded with Waylon for decades, but produced or co-produced many of Waylon’s records that are still being played on radio today. 
In the world of country music, Richie has made history as a drummer, songwriter, and producer. The list of other artists he has played and recorded with is a long one, just to name a few would include- Jessi Colter, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr., Tony Joe White, and Goose Creek Symphony. Richie continues to produce and perform after a long career which spans over fifty years, and forty plus albums.

Jerry "Jigger" Bridges, who spent a little over two decades out on the road with Waylon, plays bass and tour manages Waymore’s Outlaws. A native of Red Bay, Alabama, Jigger was strongly influenced by the R&B emerging from nearby Muscle Shoals. Following a four-year stint as a staff musician at FAME Recording Studio, he moved to Nashville and began working with Waylon on the “Dukes of Hazzard” soundtrack. After contributing bass work on Waylon’s Greatest Hits album, Richie and Waylon asked Jigger to join The Waylors on the road. 

Fred Newell is a bona fide veteran of the Nashville studio scene who has recorded with everyone from Ray Charles to George Strait. In addition to being the staff lead guitarist on numerous TV shows including Nashville Now, he is respected worldwide for his ability to generate feeling and sounds out of his instruments that many struggle to emulate without success. The first country guitarist to ever receive an endorsement from Marshall Amplifiers, Newell is a guitar legend in many circles. He is unique in that he is considered not only a legendary guitarist, but also one of the top steel players of all time. Fred, having recorded many albums with Waylon, joined Waylon's touring band on pedal steel during the 90’s after the late and legendary Ralph Mooney retired from the road.

Tommy Townsend, their lead guitarist and singer, is a native of Blairsville, Georgia. Waylon was a pivotal force in Townsend's life as Tommy had the distinction of being mentored by Waylon in his youth. The two collaborated several times over the years, with Waylon playing guitar and singing harmony on some tracks, and even co-producing an album on Tommy with Jerry Bridges. Waylon and his band took Tommy under their wings recording in the studio, and occasionally, out for appearances on the road. Songwriting is another of Tommy’s many talents, he co-wrote three of the songs on the Waymore’s Outlaws “Same Ol’ Outlaws” CD, Same Ol’ Outlaws, She Says, and Some Things.