Hailed by critics as one of the best new bands out of Dallas, the Vandoliers manage to blaze a trail all their own, mixing in healthy doses of honky-tonk and bar rock into its trademark brand of Ameri-Kinda, a genre that they, admittedly, just made up. But then, taking traditional formulas into uncharted territories is part of what makes the band so goddamn fun.

Like the band sings on rollicking anthem “Don’t Tell Me What to Do,” these guys are punks, but they’re also Texan to T – a bunch of tatted up bottom dollar boys making an honest racket for the common man. Armed with electric guitars, fiddles, trumpets and banjos, Vandoliers pump out an aggressive blend of alt-country, bluegrass, straight rock and even Tejano that’s “a little over-the-top, but delivered with a wink.”

There aren’t too many bands out there that can shout out Patti Smith and Patsy Cline in the same song, but that’s precisely why the Vandoliers have little trouble adding new fans to their gang night after night.