Valley Shine was born when Kentucky girl, Jenna Blake, and California mountain man, Sam Sobelman were brought together by a shared love for whiskey, cats and bluegrass music. Meeting by chance through Instagram, the two began commuting between Orange County and Los Angeles to collaborate. They quickly discovered their musical styles were a perfect match and they began to develop their unique folk pop sound.

Though they found an instant harmony in their musical partnership, they knew they would need a larger band to capture the spirit and energy their music required. They recruited Danny Severance on violin, Myke Wilken on guitar and cello, and Stewart James on bass, and thus the beloved cast of characters was formed.

Valley Shine is an ensemble as diverse as the patchwork of folk perfection they weave together with each member of the band contributing to their signature 5-part vocal harmony. Having been together for just a year, the indie darlings have quickly made a name for themselves, winning over hearts and ears with their well-crafted folk pop and charming live performance.

Their debut EP, LOCA, produced by Max Allyn, is being released on November 7th, 2015. Baeble Music has said their uplifting single, "Sugar Dream" is "bringing some warmth and positivity back to music."