Dead To Me

Fans of Bay Area punk quartet Dead To Me got some exciting news in October 2014: After having been away from the band for six years and two full-lengths, beloved vocalist/guitarist and founding member Jack Dalrymple was rejoining the band; together, the rejuvenated lineup had begun work on a new full-length. Dead To Me had been laying low since completing the touring cycle in support of 2011’s Moscow Penny Ante, so on its face, this was exciting news—the band was, indeed, back together. Less than two weeks later, it almost came to an ignominious end, thanks to Dead To Me vocalist/bassist Tyson “Chicken” Annicharico’s nonstop drug and alcohol abuse leading him to, in his words, “a psychotic break” which resulted in his admission into a psych ward in San Diego in early November. “I had a three-day fugue state where I don’t really know what happened,” Annicharico says. “I came to in the psych ward and was just like, ‘Well fuck, man, I guess the jig is up.’ Read more