Sylvie is a singer-songwriter, performer and ukulele player. In 2014 she signed a two-album deal with Light In The Attic Records and released her debut album, Sylvie, to worldwide acclaim. "Poetic, guileless, reminiscent of a female Leonard Cohen", said the (British) Times newspaper; Rolling Stone said, "She's not only good, she's good"; the Guardian newspaper hailed it as "one of the most beautiful albums of the year”.
Sylvie is also an award-winning writer, the author of fiction and non-fiction books and a leading music journalist since the late '70s. She is one of very few women included among the predominantly male rock writing elite. The BBC made a documentary about her, titled The Rock Chick.

Her books include biographies of Neil Young (Reflections In Broken Glass), Serge Gainsbourg (A Fistful of Gitanes, which novelist JG Ballard named as a favourite book) and NY Times and international best-seller I'm Your Man: The Life Of Leonard Cohen, which has been translated into 20 languages
Some praise for Sylvie's work:

Sylvie (album)
“Fragile and fearless, direct and poetic,beautiful and timeless -Rosalie Sorrels meets the Only Ones!” - Devendra Banhart
"Sweet music, just like Sylvie" - Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys)
"A wonderful record, sparse and figure-hugging, the emotion so directly delivered that one senses that Ms Simmons is hiding in the corridor." - Record Collector"I love this record. It's great" - Elvis Costello
"One of the most beautiful albums of the year" - The Guardian (UK)
"She's not only good, she's good" - Rolling Stone