On their debut album, Ethos, Levitation Room’s melodic instrumentation elevated listeners with their hallucinogenic bleached out dreamy guitar and lo-fi projections of psychedelia, and garage reminiscent of deep 60s-era rock. Released on March 19, 2016 on Burger Records, the quartet crafted a beautiful soundscape that transports the listener to a hazy, Southern California summer-of-love existence.

Formed in East Los Angeles in 2012, Levitation Room gained the endorsement of California Psych label Lolipop Records when the band released their demo in 2013, followed by the release of their first EP, Minds of Our Own. By this time, Levitation Room were playing regularly in Los Angeles, touring the west coast, and were also the proprietors of Everydaze Music, a music store and vintage clothing boutique that also served as the group's rehearsal space and base of operations.

Using Everydaze as a catalyst to create a scene around them, Levitation Room organized various DIY shows to introduce their sound to the local LA scene. Soon their space became a popular destination for gigs, hosting live music events with other local bands and friends such as: Mystic Braves, Cherry Glazerr, Froth, Joel Jerome, The Memories, Mild High Club, The Blank Tapes and many more. Forming a music and art space of their own and opening their doors to other artists created a community much like their counter-culture predecessors.  

Like it’s name, Ethos is a symbol of their far-out aesthetic, conjuring up the cognitive imagery of sunny days at the park, spent with friends in a euphoric haze along with lyrical and sonic meditations on life, love, and self-awareness.