Highlights of the career of this songwriter/guitarist include playing on stage with Sidonie for a period of time, as well as writing songs with Pedro López and Pat Scoin (of Los Romeos) in “Belfast”, from whose ashes arose “Lula”, Pat’s new musical project.

 The Castellon musician now brings us his latest project “Mr. Good Horse”, a 4-track EP in which he goes back to his electric roots after his last two intimate and acoustic offerings.

 “Mr. Good Horse” was recorded in different studios across Spain and guest collaborators include Ramiro Nieto (The Right Ons), Nacho García (Cooper, Jero Romero), Eloy Alcaide (Skizophonic) and Willy Tornado (The Freewheelin’ Tornados).

 The EP was mixed and re-mastered in Personal Music studios in Miami by renowned engineer Luis Gomez, who has several Golden Lions from Cannes under his belt for his work in advertising.
The new 4-track EP has earned several glittering reviews by critics and has placed J.M on several best of 2014 lists as well as in the finals of the Vinilo Valencia 6.0 competition.

 Following on from the good reviews of “Junior Mackenzie”(2008), “Songs From The Top Of A Mountain”(2010), “Melodies For The End Of The World” (2012) and his mini acoustic tours of the States, “Mr. Good Horse” (2014) represents a step forward and somewhat of a reinvention for a musician whose style is difficult to pigeon-hole. He has toured with the Kills and has supported internationally famous artists such as Frank Black, Richard Hawley, Zucchero, Greg Dulli, Radio Moscow, Gomez, Smile, Jacobo Serra, Ainara Legardón and ex-Sunday Drivers Jero Romero.

 If we compare a J.M. show to a biblical passage, this series would be the Last Supper in which he is seated with Jeff Buckley, Shannon Hoon, Neil Young, Chris Robinson, Muddy Waters, Eliot Smith, Ray La Montagne, Jimmy Page, Damien Rice, Jack White….all conspiring to create the perfect song, following the tradition of the best American songwriters with a folk, rock, pop and bluegrass sound.