One of the few artists to have hits in both English and Spanish, Jose Feliciano is an easily identifiable pop icon. As a blind singer and guitarist, he first received attention playing in the coffeehouses of Greenwich Village while still in high school. His passionate, soulful voice and Flamenco guitar embellishments catapulted him into the pop mainstream. A prolific recording artist, he recorded light versions of popular rock songs that were embellished with strings and marketed to mature audiences. Jose Feliciano is recognized as the first Latin Artist to cross over into the English music market, opening the doors to others who now play an important part in the American music industry. Feliciano has been acclaimed by critics throughout the world as “The greatest living guitarist.”  Accolades and Current Activities: 8-Time Grammy Award Winner; 2011 Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Has performed with the London Philharmonic, Vienna Symphony, New York Philharmonic and over 40 of the world’s top symphony orchestras; regularly performs in over 50 countries; was the first person to stylize the American National Anthem; Composer and singer of North America’s #1 Christmas song “Feliz Navidad.” Has recorded over 75 albums; was the first Latin Artist to do a bi-lingual PBS television special.